A little bit about me:
My name is Derek Marmolijo, a filmmaker, husband, dad, lover of Jesus, coffee, and wearing flip flops. When I'm not filming or editing, I'm just a learner of many things like more things about filming, editing, carpentry, basic building, electricity, plumbing, coffee beans, growing my hair, how-to be a godly dad, hiking, illustrating the gospel to kids in Sunday school, drinking coffee (did I already mention this?) or on the hunt for the next epic love story to tell through an utmost film. 
I started my production company in 2015 while living in California, U.S. Now living with my wife in Davao City. I am looking to capture more love stories to tell through film.
My films are about capturing two becoming ONE in the unity of Love. I strive to create unique and personable, story-driven films that take viewers on an emotional journey. It's all about You really, and Your Love! It's You, that makes your special day, most important!
So, more Importantly...
Please write to me freely... whatever's on your heart. I love receiving emails! Remember, the more I know about you, your vision and your love, the better I can tell your "one of a kind" story through an Utmost Film.
I'll do everything in my power to respond the same day
- Derek Marmolijo
Thank you for your interest!I'll do everything in my power to respond today!